June 2016 Youth Campaign

Summer mission trips…………the enthusiasm that only youth can bring!

The municipality of Concepcion Chiquirichapa welcomes the Living Water Teaching youth team. The Police cordon off the area allowing the Evangelistic skits and programs to speak to the people.

A group of 10 youth and their leaders, from Virginia, have made their way to Quetzaltenango for a 9 day adventure in the Lord. Their mission is to show the love of the Lord to all they encounter. Today in Concepcion Chiquirichapa the Alcalde (Mayor) has given the green light for the team to minister in the square.

Loud speakers call attention to the street ministry about to begin. This team of youth will visit schools, community squares, market places, and special needs facilities, everybody jumps in to share their testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Shoppers, vendors, young, and old, begin to find their place to see what's happening.
Shoppers and vendors, begin to find their place along the street to see what’s happening.

Young and old lend ears and eyes to the program unfolding on the street in front of the municipal square and weekly market.

EZ to make new friends
This little girl thought is was fun to be in a photo with Robin. Her expression changes when a giant (Chuck) steps over to snap the photo.

Today is market day, so there is movement and color in every direction. Robin manages to make friends with a tiny little girl shopping with her mother who is buying some yummy Chicharron……………….but that’s another story.

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