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Ephesians 6:10-18 talks about putting on the whole Armor of God. This, so that you can be fully protected against the lethal deceptions of the devil. This passage of scripture actually reads like an airplane check-list.

Making repairs
Routine maintenance and services, keep this aircraft on the ready line.

Mission Aviation flies very much in line with these exhortations. Before any flight carrying ministry workers, medical emergencies, or relief cargo takes off, a pilot must check every critical part of the aircraft. In addition, an aircraft mechanic will repair any part of an aircraft found to be out-of-order.

Looks like everything is in place and ready to go!
Preflight inspection keep us from having problems once we are flying.

Apart from day-to-day checks & services, “Annual Inspections” assure nothing is out-of-order deep down, unseen, below the armor. So important to safety are these inspections, a mechanic must earn a special certificate called “Inspection Authorization (IA)” to perform them.

A special certification is required to complete an annual inspection.
A special certification is required to complete an annual inspection.

Annual inspections are very expensive in Guatemala, and flying ministry aircraft to the U.S., even more so.  My vision is to submit my application for Inspection Authorization (IA) as early as possible next year 2017, but I need your help to put this plan in motion!

The cost of airfare, rental car, hotel, meals, training, and testing total approximately $2,500.00 USD. Once certified, the benefit can be realized year, after year, after year. Mercy Wings aircraft can be inspected on-site in our hangar in Guatemala.

Now is your chance to help!

Send your tax-deductible donation to: Living Water Teaching, addressed: PO BOX 1190, Caddo Mills TX 75135.

On the memo line of your check designate: Inspection Authorization or just (IA)


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