Wasn’t expecting that…..

Kidney Stone, Ouch!
Chuck, you have a Kidney stone….. OUCH!!

Martinez Missionary Medical Update: At home after two days in the hospital. Had not been quite right the last week or so. A small but ever present pain in my lower left back and abdomen, was getting noticeable. Shocking pain woke me from sleep, followed by waves of nausea. After a few hours, it all subsided and I thought to myself……boy glad that’s over. The following day, exactly the same thing occurred, only this time the pain did not diminish but increased exponentially. Literally bring tears to my eyes.

The emergency room experience in Guatemala is very different than in the U.S., not bad, just different. When in that much pain, rational thought and behavior do not come easily. Our next door neighbors are seasoned missionaries and well connected in our city of Quetzaltenango, and dropped everything to ensure I got to the right people and to the right facilities.

We are going to need help with financial recovery also.
We are going to need help with financial recovery also….OUCH!!

The rest of the story is the diagnostic, treatment, and ongoing recovery phase, when a kidney stone strikes. We certainly did not anticipate the quick onset of these circumstances, but we trust God has a plan. The medical expenses incurred are just over $3,400.00 USD, may we ask for your help as we trust in the Lord for financial recovery also.

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