The drip that keeps on dripping.

In the last several of months a mist, then drips of oil began forming at the front of the engine. Requiring slow careful steps to begin to rule out various engine components as the source. Keep in mind that Guatemala is not the easiest place to find aviation supplies of any kind. Often availability is the reason, “you just can’t get that here”. Then, the cost will be double or triple over a part purchased stateside. While in Guatemala City yesterday, I was able to obtain a simple propeller rear seal. As expected, the cost was triple what you would be normal, but when you need it………….well.

DSCF1345Now comes the truly complicated part, (for a one man show that is) . Removing all covers and cowling that contain the engine. The propeller spinner and its mounting hardware. Determine some way to keep a 15 thousand dollar, three blade propeller, from harm. All in a days work for a missionary pilot/mechanic.


Keep an eye out for follow-on post………….

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