Robins Revelations May 2017

Robin’s latest sewing class graduated today. The young ladies show off many of their finished projects. One shows off a skirt completed just in time for graduation.

Robins vision born two years ago, is to train young women in a useful skill.  This is a group are students at Living Water Teaching Bible Institute, Quetzaltenango Guatemala.

Bible training received at LWT/BI prepares young women (and young men) to be practical minister in there community, country, and beyond. Useful skills like sewing, adds a finishing touch to students as they learn about Gods Word.

A finishing touch is what Robin likes to call these four month long training courses. Donated machines and materials are used to bring out and cultivate abilities that serve the individual but also minister to people and community.

Donated sewing machines have been the mainstay of these classes since 2015. At the end of each class, one machine is presented to a student who has demonstrated skill and aptitude. The sewing machine shown above can be purchased new in Guatemala for (Q1,299.95 GTQ) or $175.00 USD

Costs for US domestic, then international shipping to Guatemala is cost/time prohibitive to get the needed equipment into play. A cost/time effective alternative, is to purchase sewing machines in country. Pictured above is a machine readily available in Guatemala for just $175.00 USD.

In June 2017, Robin begins her next class, using the last of the donated machines. If you would like to help keep this sewing outreach ministry equipped for continuing classes, we anticipate the need for at least 6 machines for the coming year. You know what to do…..

Make your check payable to: Living Water Teaching, PO BOX 1190, Caddo Mills TX 75135. On the memo line annotate: #11400 / Sewing!

its tax deductible!


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