Martinez Mail July & August 2017

Puppets, skits, drama, testimonies, and personal prayer are never in short supply. But especially so during the Living Water Teaching Summer Campaigns June, July, and August 2017.

Rain or shine, school children across the western highlands of Guatemala are treated to evangelistic outreach and one-on-one ministry. Living Water Teaching Summer Campaigns are in full swing. Three months, three youth teams. The fiery teams arrive overflowing with the zeal and enthusiasm only teens on a mission can.

Hundreds of children see and hear dramas that portray the Salvation Story.

For these school aged children its a welcome break from the ordinary day at school. Today, a group of high energy, U.S., youth are here to bring a message of hope and Salvation. The teams have prepared, paid their own way, and practiced dramas, skits, and even a few phrases in Spanish to get the word out about Jesus!

School children are treated to skits, presentations, and testimonies. And, afterward small group prayer and evangelism. This closing scene was repeated 47 times. All have the opportunity to receive Jesus and Lord and Savior.
Parents, family, friends, and anyone within the sound of the powerful speakers hear the “good news”. It is a captivating experience to see and hear.

For ten days, team members and chaperones travel, setup, present, minister, pack up, and do it all over again. The action is intensive, its high energy, its hard work…………..After the last team heads home, 8,865 individuals will have heard and seen the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Kingdom of God grew by 1,083- children, parents, family, friends, teachers. Are you up to the challenge?

Closing thoughts. July 2017, Robin and I, Chuck, celebrated our 10 years anniversary as missionaries in Guatemala. We have witnessed these and other spiritual transformations take place over and over again; it never gets old!

Partner with us, and let us be your hands and feet on this mountain. You might be surprised just how many ways there are to keep the Word of God moving forward to the nations. See the “Wanna Help” tab across the top of any page on our blog



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