Martinez Mail Sep-Oct 2017 pt.2- Coming to America

As we left our missionaries Chuck & Robin Martinez from pt.1, they has just put the pedal-to-the-metal aimed for Rowlett TX and a brief visit with family. We began to accomplish tasks that can only be done while in the states, medical checkups, banking, purchases of everything we may need in Guatemala for the next 11 months. Oddly enough, we never seem to empty a suitcase, even though most of what we carry in from Guatemala, is for gifts and giveaway . No sooner does space open up in a suitcase, we immediately back fill it with items returning with us to our mission country. In other words wherever we go, we are always carrying at least 200 lbs. of luggage.

We were assigned to the last two seats on a full flight. We had gotten ahead of the road blocks and airport closings. With cabin door closed, we breathed a sigh of relief, three hours from now we step off in Dallas.

From Dallas we traveled north to Oklahoma and east for Arkansas, making many stops along the way. As we had been praying months before hand, we arrived full of faith and strong in the spirit. For 30 days in America, we were able to honor every commitment agreed to, and just as importantly, Robin and I never turned down a last minute invitation to preach, teach, or share. As is written in 2Tim 4:2, Preach the Word! be ready in season and out of season.

Our 5 year old grand Lylah. Smart as a whip, always has something intelligent to say, and curious about everything. Even grandpa’s theories on telescopes and Astronomy.

About week three we turned south Corpus Christi, and our kids. We were able to dedicate an entire week to visiting with our S-I-L Polo, daughter Rachael, and especially the #1 Granddaughter Lylah, 5 years old! Granma Robin was a never ending wealth of sewing, coloring, and craft projects, Grandpa Chuck and Lylah got to set up the telescope and look at the moon until the mosquitos in Corpus forced us back in side.

Nothing like be just plain old grandparents to the best granddaughter in the world.

Our last week in the states we again drove north, this time stopping short of Dallas for the Goldthwaite, Lometa, and Lampasas areas. We very much enjoyed a stay with our long time friends Paul and  Marcy Olsen. We were blessed to make new friends all over the area and touch bases with Monty & Amy Carol whom we met earlier in the year in Guatemala while they were on Medical Mission.

As we drove around three states, (this trip), I took the time to visit airports and share the mission of Mercy Wings International(MWi),  the Aviation Mission of Living Water Teaching. Each time, after hearing about MWi’s mission in Guatemala and fundraising plans for 2018, keen interest was expressed by all ……………..But that’s another story.

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