Martinez Mail November 2017

Advanced education is not guaranteed in Guatemala. For most of these Bible students financial sacrifice by family, community or village, and church provide room, board, and materials as they pursue their ministerial goals.

Look what the Lord has done! LWT/BI resident and extension Bible School Graduates, (from a UAV’s eye view).

Here in Guatemala many activities overlap as the year spools down. Of special note is the graduation of the Living Water Teaching (Ensenanza) de Agua Viva) Bible Institute. Each year Bible scholars who have completed courses and required activities, put on the Cap & Gown, and make the proud walk to receive their recognition and diploma’s.

Graduatings LWT/BI students awaiting Commencement. The eleven dressed with red regalia have achieved licensure, gold sashed graduates are 2nd year, white completing 1st year studies.

Eleven (11) students have completed third and fourth year of studies, achieving licensure and pastoral credentials. 126 were full time resident students at LWT/BI Quetzaltenango. And, 300 graduates were from 53 individual extension Bible schools (country wide), conducted by 2nd year resident students.

53 Individual extension Bible Schools in rural locations were conducted during the academic year 2017, accounting for 300 external Bible School graduates.

The month of November is also the time when Robin finishes up her sewing ministry. This year 3 classes took place, thanks to donations of new and used sewing machines, fabrics, and supplies that foster these useful skills.

The ladies present their latest projects as the last class of the year comes to an end. Robin presents donated sewing kits and candy prizes to each.

Chuck finishes the year by making sure the aircraft is in top condition by doing all manner of checks and services to include the required annual inspection. Chuck received inspection authorization (IA) from the FAA earlier this year. Renewal of circulation right and many other administration’s are normal for the end of the year.

Turbo exhaust V-band couplings are the latest safety concern. Careful and exhaustive (pun intended) inspections are required. In this way Mercy Wings International keeps flying with safety and excellence.

Just another day in the lives of Chuck & Robin Martinez, missionaries to Guatemala.


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