Martinez Mail Dec 2017

Overlapping the months of November and December come the initial  preparations for Operation Shoebox. Two containers of finished and filled gift shoeboxes are transported to Guatemala weeks in advance. Unloading, warehousing, and separating into 12 age/gender specific stages is accomplished before the 39 volunteers from across the U.S. arrives. But once the team is on the ground and in place……….Operation Shoebox really takes off!

Its all hands on deck- missionaries, staff, and employees from all departments of living Water Teaching, make ready to join with the arriving U.S. team.  Over the next 10 days, rural children will receive an outpouring of blessings. Evangelistic skits, sing-songs, clown, puppet shows, and a call to receive life eternal through Jesus Christ. Each child will also receive a generously and lovingly filled box filled with toys.

Can’t help but smile on day like this. We are out with the Shoebox team, blessing rural Mayan children with gift boxes.
Crowded and noisy, but that is how we like it. Children and parents enjoy an evangelistic message and presentations. Before long we will be giving out gift boxes, no child will go without………

The totals for this mission trip in Quetzaltenango are in, about 7,500 people were ministered to by evangelistic presentation. a total of 4,875 shoeboxes were distributed. And, best of all 2,435 adults and children received Jesus Christ.

Its been a great and blessed year, in many way overflowing with blessings in fact it could be said that………..but that’s another story.



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