Take me out to the ball park…..

Not too many nights ago Robin and I had the opportunity to share in a Fiday night tradition at Diamond field in the city of Lake Elsnor. This evening we would be sitting in section 101, right behind home plate. Nine of our family members joined 150 of the nearby Calvary Chaple churches to enjoy the game. More that 50 churches were represented and were seated together in varioius section throughout the stadium.

As the teams warmed up, four men approached the mound. The league Chaplin introduced the next three in turn. The first a member of the Salvation Army, sharing the details of the tragic evening his life hit rock bottom and the victorious moment he called out to Jesus. A young player from the visiting team, told of how he had been raised in a church family, made his committment to Christ Jesus at an early age, and continues live his life as a testiment to Jesus. The third young player from the home team related a story from a time in his life where the fast life near ruined him, and that he was a new Christian, wanting to grow in the things of God.

First call of the game "Play Ball"
First call of the game “Play Ball”

We all stood sang the Nantional Anthem, and as the final word faded, the Ump shout- Play ball !!!!!!!!!!

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