The drip that keeps on dripping.

In the last several of months a mist, then drips of oil began forming at the front of the engine. Requiring slow careful steps to begin to rule out various engine components as the source. Keep in mind that Guatemala is not the easiest place to find aviation supplies of any kind. Often availability is the reason, “you just can’t get that here”. Then, the cost will be double or triple over a …

Jeremiah 29:11- I know the plans I have for you………..

This last week, Robin and I, had an agenda. One that would see completed, several needed administrative, aircraft maintenance, and medical requirements. At the same time. We would drive to Guatemala City, and in the space of two days, complete all of the above. In my mind it was all to go so smoothly. My first stop was the American embassy to add visa pages to my passport. It will take …

Today is the day

After almost 15 years we say “So-Long” to our old windows based web site. We stumble headlong into the unknown, waving goodbye to what was comfortable to embrace a blog style website. Your smart device as well as your desktop will enjoy new way of keeping in touch with the Martinez’ and our missionary adventures in Guatemala.

Renew or not to renew?

Its that time of year again, our faithful old windows based web page is up for renewal. Instead, I am going to begin using a blog style web-presents that is more like being live, and with the ability to respond to remarks in near real time. So, what do you say? lets give it a try………………..