Adventures in April 2017

Holy Week in Central America. The streets are filled with precessions and displays that are both colorful and solemn at the same time.

Bright carpets of sawdust, flower petals, fruit and vegetables, adorn the route of the processions throughout the country.

With great care, residents along the processional routes build-up brightly colored carpets. These carpets are not rolled out, but created, using colored wood shaving, flowers, and vegetables. Everyone enjoys making carpets in front of their houses with the help of family and visitors.

There is no formal census defining religious affiliation in Guatemala, and it is estimated that only 35- 40% of the people believe in the name Jesus Christ. The traditional spectacle is captivating; at the same time the numbers roughly indicate how much work is still to be done in Guatemala.

While in other news– an April adventure came together for Chuck and Mercy Wings International (MWI), after two years of planning. Aircraft inspections are required following specific intervals, and after major alteration and repair, to name a few. Without these, missionary aircraft become chained to the ground.

The IA or person authorized by the FAA to inspect and return-to-service [aircraft] are few and far between in Guatemala.

Baker’s School of Aeronautics. Specializing in aircraft mechanic test prep, and A&P mechanics that meet the FAA strict requirements for inspection authorization (IA)

After an intensive week of study and preparation at Baker’s, I passed the examination and was extended the authority to inspect by the FAA. The benefits to Living Water Teaching’s aviation department (Mercy Wings International), and other missionary aircraft working in Guatemala, are innumerable. PTL!

The coveted inspection authorization (IA), now at work on the mission field of Guatemala.

A special thank to all that helped bring this about, this is for you -(Matthew 25:23)

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