Your prayer and giving make all the difference!

Pick a project or a need that will help us to be more effective in our mission outreach.
  • Prayer, requests, and needs for 2018:

Funds for U.S. travel to follow up with interested churches, ministries, organizations, and individuals from 2017 visits.

Open doors, favor, and support– Travel within the U.S., can be a challenge for missionaries. As career missionaries, our mission (country of Guatemala) is our home. Let me explain, full time missionaries often leave behind all the normal trappings associated with U.S., living- this pretty much describes Chuck & Robin.

Reasons for being stateside are many and varied, for instance furlough, deputation, family emergency. Imagine arriving in a country so large and vast, where time and speed are managed down to the minute by using instant communication, and highway speeds to bind all things together.

Any missionary (us included), will encounter the full-on crush of trying to join with a  world that is moving at the speed of light. Cars, communication, and accommodations, are but a few of the things we are going to need as we step onto the super highway…………think you might be able to help……… know what to do.

  • Projects

-Aircraft needed for missionary/ministry travel, within U.S., to promote Mercy Wings. Need aircraft with good balance of speed and fuel economy; Piper Comanche 260C.

-Need groups or individuals to sponsor aviation consumables, i.e. tires, lights, fasteners, wheel bearings, flap bearings, belts, etc. Contact me directly for up to the minute needs.

-Open doors (literally)-  Beginning in 2018 Chuck & Robin will be in the U.S., with a Mercy Wings International aircraft. Our mission will be to obtain checks and services that are not available in Guatemala. At the same time we will be raising awareness and support on behalf of Mercy Wings International, for our flight operations in Central America. You might guess the type of support we may need; arriving with an aircraft, and little more than what we are wearing. You know what to do.

  • Praise Reports / Completed Projects:

– Obtained FAA inspection authorization (IA). Now able to inspect Mercy Wings aircraft in Guatemala. Bonus, other missionary aviation organizations also benefit.

– Purchased 5 new sewing machines in direct support of Robin’s “stich in time” ministry outreach.


As missionaries we receive your support through our mission agency (MA), Living Water Teaching.  Your giving sustains and equips us as we live and labor in Guatemala.

  • By Check:

Mail To: Chuck & Robin Martinez, PO BOX 1190, Caddo Mills, TX 75135

Your giving is “tax deductable” and “receipt acknowledged” when you make your check payable to: Living Water Teaching, with Missionary #11400 (only) on the memo line.

Gifts in kind, (equipment’s or vehicles, new or used) can also be receipt acknowledged by our mission agency, Living Water Teaching Inc. Ask us about this.

  • PayPal

Just click the “Donate” button in the side bar. (This is also through our mission agency Living Water Teaching)

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